Trump’s impact on Science, FRBs and Exoplanets

January 14, 2019

Trump has no impact on Fast Radio Bursts or Exoplanets but it makes for a fun title. We discuss the latest science news and wish Malcolm a very happy birthday.

The furthest object we’ve ever studied, pickled walnuts and The Cosmic Shed

January 7, 2019

Fresh into the New Year, we're back with the news that Andrew's podcast The Cosmic Shed has been selected as one of the Guardian's Favourite Podcasts of 2019.

We also discuss plenty of science.

10th December - the 5/2 diet and more

December 10, 2018

Raking America Great again, The Ghost Galaxy and Square Poos

November 19, 2018

Malcolm and Andrew discuss the latest science news in this week's Love and Science.

Is Oumuamua an alien spacecraft? How do we get there to find out?

November 12, 2018

Maddy Nichols joins Andrew in the studio and we hear from Prof Avi Loeb, the Harvard scientist making the news for suggesting that it's possible that Oumumua is an alien probe or light sail.

We also hear from Andreas Heim, the man behind Project Lyra...the proposed mission to send a spacecraft to Oumuamua.

A computer to rival human brains, the future of the KG and making your own fireworks

November 8, 2018

Malcolm tells us that he used to make his own fireworks and Hannah Little is far more sensible but no less fun in this week's Love and Science.

The Science of Fear, Colliding Galaxies and Clever Crows

October 29, 2018

Malcolm and Andrew discuss the latest science news.

Smacking children, An Artificial Moon and BepiColombo

October 22, 2018

Jamini, Malcolm and Andrew discuss the wonderful BepiColombo mission to Mercury, whether you should smack your children (stupid question) and whether you should launch a massive mirror into space to reflect sunlight back to earth at night (also a stupid question).

A Goblin in Space, Weird Physics at the South Pole and Stephen Hawking’s last work

October 16, 2018

Malcolm is joined by Robert Massey, Deputy CEO of the Royal Astronomical Society to discuss some of the most interesting space news we've heard for a while.

We also hear from Andrew as he interviews Dr Derek Fox about his scientific study which strongly suggest that the particles appearing to come up from the Antarctic Ice must point to physics outside the standard model.

Ada Lovelace Day, Women in Physics and much more

October 8, 2018

Karen Drake of Bristol's Engine Shed joins Malcolm and Andrew before John Ford pops in.