Love and Science

Chewbacca, a poorly Polar Bear and a planet discovered by Artificial Intelligence

December 18, 2017

In the last show of 2017, Malcolm, Hannah and Andrew are joined by Juliana Cuccaro to discuss a whole host of science stories.

Alex Vail is a scientist come Cameraman who worked on the Blue Planet 2 series

We hear from the people behind the BBC's stunning Blue Planet 2 series as well as the man inside the Wookie...Chewbacca.
Timon Singh, Joonas Suatamo (Chewbacca) and Andrew

Timon Singh, Chewbacca and Andrew

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Show notes

Andrew also mentions this NASA article about 8 exoplanets which nearly match planets in Star Wars
Thanks for joining us in 2017. See you in 2018.

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