Love and Science

Chris Packham, PT Scientists and their Moon Rovers and Hobbits

April 24, 2017

Andrew is joined in the studio by Harriet Croome as they discuss bird poaching with Chris Packham, Karsten Becker tells us about his plans to send two rovers to the Moon in 2018, hitching a ride on one of Elon Musk's rockets and Grace Mullally joins us to tell us all about a brand new exhibition exploring CRISPR technology coming to Bristol this week.

Karsten Becker is head of electronics at PTScientists who are sending two rovers to the Apollo 17 landing site next year. This is what they look like.

Chris Packham was talking to Andrew at the March for Science in Bristol

The SynBioExpo exhibition runs Tuesday 25th April to Saturday 29th April. Open 10am – 6pm daily.
Admission is free. For more information visit their Facebook page or click on the image below.

Here is Alice Roberts on the "Hobbits"  Homo floresiensis.

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