Love and Science

Lactose Tolerance, Women in Science and your ideas for a Europa Mission

May 22, 2017

Andrew was delighted to be joined in the studio by Tay Aziz who is a member of the Live Sciences team at At Bristol and is just beginning a project looking at perceptions of Women in Science.

Andrew and Tay discovered how we all don't see the world as it really is and actually prefer the fake version of reality to the real thing.

Andrew also catches up with the wonderful Dr Julie Dunne of Bristol University to explore how 10,000 years ago everyone on earth was Lactose Intolerant...

Peggy Whitsun goes on an unplanned Space Walk tomorrow and Andrew and Tay ponder that and much more about the night sky, includng NASA calling for ideas for a mission to Europa to look for alien life.

We also hear how Instagram has got a bad bit of PR recently with a study showing it is bad for young people's self esteem.

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