Love and Science

Koko the gorilla, an amazing short story, gene-edited pigs, and stopping slugs eating your plants.

June 27, 2018

This week we hear Esther Clifford read the short story she has written for the BBC's short story competition. Jamie Love talks about his experience with Koko the gorilla whilst he was making a documentary about her. Scienticts believed they have successfully edited the genes of pigs to make them immune to the most expensive disease they get. Scientists are blaming our "obsessively clean" lifestyles for the rise in hayfever! And finally, the Royal Horticultural Society are going to test out gardeners' tricks to keep away slugs, under controlled environments for the first time ever - results this autumn!

This is my last week on BCFM and I'm so sad to be leaving, it's been an absolute pleasure, and thanks for listening! Hopefully Malcolm and Andrew will keep you entertained enough on their own. - Hannah 


As promised, the info on gene-edited pigs:

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