Love and Science

Mars, Bees, Orcas, Sophie’s Wild Cornwall and Pint of Science

May 8, 2017

Malcolm and Andrew are joined in the studio by Sophia Pavelle, Rachel Botrugno and Jamini Thakrar to discuss the origins of Mars, the awful fate of one of the UK's most precious creatures and much, much more.

Left to right: Malcolm, Andrew, Jamini, Rachel and Sophia.

Sophia tells us all about her 300 mile walk around the coats of Cornwall this summer to explore the wildlife and discover how social media can engage people with science and nature. You can find out more on her website.

Jamini and Rachel tell us all about Pint of Science including this rather unmissable opportunity to meet and hear from the man who has saved the lives and mental health of so many new born children. Get your tickets now.

We also chat about the effect of some pesticides on bees.

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