Love and Science

Professor Richard Pancost, Bee Immigration Policy and Visiting Alpha Centauri

February 6, 2017

Malcolm and Andrew were delighted to be joined in the studio by Professor Rich Pancost, Director of the Cabot Institute.

Richard told us all about the work he and the Cabot Institute do and joined us to discuss the immigration policy of bees, sending tiny space craft to (and stopping them at) at Alpha Centauri and what Trump and Brexit might mean for science.

A whole lot more came up in conversation in this episode of Love and Science.

16463022_1200757540031928_8627133673134299530_o.jpgLeft to right: Malcolm, Professor Richard Pancost and Andrew

You can hear more of the good professor as he discusses Planet Earth 2 and the science thereof on Andrew's other podcast The Cosmic Shed.

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