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The Nobel Prize for Physics 2017 and Pseudoscience in the Abortion Debate

October 9, 2017

Andrew and Hannah were joined by Tushna Commissariat from Physics World to discuss the Nobel Prize for Physics 2017, given to LIGO for the discovery of Gravitational Waves.

Here is a photo of LIGO, taken by Tushna herself on her trip there, which can read all about here

Photo credit: Tushna Commissariat.

We also talk about the controversy surrounding the Nobel Prize and the pseudoscience in the abortion debate.

Professor Ethan Siegel even pops in to explain why some stars appear to be older than the universe. Spoiler: They aren't.

Prof Ethan Siegel doesn't look like the image you had in your head, does he? 

Credit for the illustration of gravitational waves above is Henze NASA.

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